How To Check Canvas Size In Illustrator

In graphic design, accuracy is paramount. If you are working on a design project in Adobe Illustrator, one of the key factors you need to consider is the size of your canvas. Ensuring you have the correct canvas size can make a significant difference in the outcome of your design project. This guide will walk you through how to check the canvas size in Illustrator.

Step 1: Open Your Document

The first step is obviously to open your Adobe Illustrator application and then open the document whose canvas size you want to check.

Step 2: Navigate to the Document Setup

Once you have your document open, head to the menu bar at the top of the screen. Here, click on the option labeled File. A drop-down menu will appear. From this menu, click on the option labeled Document Setup.

Step 3: Check the Canvas Size

Upon clicking the Document Setup option, a new window will appear. This window contains all the information about your current document, including the canvas size.

To view the canvas size, look at the section labeled 'Artboard'. Here, you will see the width and height of your canvas displayed in your chosen units of measurement (pixels, inches, millimeters, etc.).

Note that you can also change the units of measurement by clicking on the units and choosing from the options provided.

Step 4: Close the Document Setup Window

Once you have checked and noted down your canvas size, you can now close the Document Setup window and return to your document.

Final Thoughts

Checking the canvas size in Illustrator is a simple, but important step in any design process. By ensuring that your canvas size is correct right from the start, you will save yourself from potential reworks and adjustments later in the design process. Make it a habit to always check your canvas size before you start working on any new design project. Happy designing!