How To Upload Font To Canva

Canva has become a favorite tool for creating stunning graphics and designs, thanks to its user-friendly interface and extensive library of features. One such powerful feature is the ability to upload your own fonts into the platform. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to upload a font to Canva.

Step 1: Becoming a Canva Pro User

Before you can upload a font to Canva, you need to be a Canva Pro user. The ability to upload custom fonts is one of the many benefits of Canva Pro. To upgrade, simply go to the Canva homepage, click on “Try Canva Pro,” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Accessing the Font Tab

Once you’re a Canva Pro user, log in to your account and click on the Brand Kit tab in the left-hand menu. Once you’re in the Brand Kit, you will see the Uploads section. Click on the Upload a font button.

Step 3: Uploading the Font

After clicking the Upload a font button, a new window will pop up. Click on Upload a new font and locate your font file. Canva supports .OTF, .TTF, and .WOFF font file formats. Make sure your font file is in one of these formats before uploading.

Once you have located and selected your font file, click Open.

Step 4: Finalizing and Using Your Uploaded Font

Canva will then upload your font. Once the font is uploaded, it will appear in the Uploaded Fonts section. Now you can start using your new font in your designs!

Remember, the fonts you upload to Canva are private to your account and won’t be visible to other users.

In Conclusion

Uploading your own fonts to Canva is a straightforward process that allows you to customize your designs further. With this simple guide, you’re now ready to start using your own fonts in your Canva designs. Happy designing!