Using Windows Vista System Restore

This tutorial will show you how to use System Restore in Microsoft Windows Vista. The process is similar to Windows XP System restore; however there are a few changes.

Open the Control Panel and click the system icon.

Using Windows Vista System Restore

You should now see the System Windows below. Click on System protection.
Using Windows Vista System Restore

The System Protection Tab will open.
Using Windows Vista System Restore

To create a restore point click the Create Button.
Using Windows Vista System Restore

If you want to restore from a previous restore point, click the System Restore button.
Using Windows Vista System Restore

Clicking the Next button takes you to a list of possible restore points. Note that Windows Vista periodically creates system restore points as a normal part of its operation.
Using Windows Vista System Restore

Choose on of these points and click Next. The next screen will confirm your choice and remind you to close programs and files.
Using Windows Vista System Restore

You can cancel at this point or click finish to restore you PC to an earlier date. The computer will restart and your files and settings will be restored.

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  • Ken Pearce

    All of the above is fairly easy to follow. But when I get to the list of restore points on my computer they are all on the same day, i.e. today, but different times. I want to go back 4days and restore from there. Is this possible as it is with XP?

  • Dora

    I too, would like to go back to just a few hours ago, but there are no other choices, only one I created. What can I do to go back?

  • Matty

    I have exactly the same problem! freakin trojan invades me and AVG doesnt pick it up!

  • @Matty .. same problem here .. hopefully will get more help with this problem

  • JDB

    After having to reimage new laptop 4 times because of not having certain restore points and Vista OS issues, I have been researching and found following information. Maybe can help others:

    Vista does have “Previous Versions” / “Shadow Copy” in all versions, but need to use tricks to access for home version. For more info:

    Also, here is a link for a free backup software which appears to have fairly high user rating:

    My pet peeve is any OS should allow user to establish their own “permanent” restore points.

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  • Timothy Chung

    I appreciate your help!

  • bryne gaexy

    please i need help some chinese application installed itself on my pc (windows 10) and has caused the malfunction of several problems.I need to know if I could create an older restore point like some days backward because I got only one restore point which is the current date. please i need your help ..please