Will Canva Give Me A Refund

It is crucial for users of various online platforms and services to have knowledge about their policies on refunds. Canva is not an exception to this rule. If you are curious about whether or not Canva will grant a refund, we must first examine their refund policy.

Understanding Canva’s Refund Policy

As per Canva’s terms and conditions, they do have a refund policy in place. However, it’s not as simple as asking for your money back and receiving it immediately. There are several factors that Canva considers before issuing a refund.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Canva offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for new Canva Pro users. If you aren’t satisfied with the Pro membership, you can cancel within the 30-day period for a full refund. This policy applies to both monthly and annual subscriptions.

Refunds for Renewals

Canva isn’t obligated to refund the cost of subscription renewals. Therefore, it’s crucial to remember to cancel your subscription if you no longer want to use Canva Pro.

In-App Purchases

For in-app purchases, Canva doesn’t issue a direct refund. However, if you made a purchase through Apple’s App Store or Google Play, you could seek a refund through their respective policies.

Contacting Canva for a Refund

If you believe you’re eligible for a refund based on the conditions above, you can contact Canva’s customer support team for assistance. You can reach out to them via the ‘Help Center’ on Canva’s website.


So, will Canva give you a refund? The answer largely depends on your individual circumstances and whether they fall within Canva’s refund policy. As always, it’s important to understand these policies before making any purchases to avoid future complications.