What Happened To Canvas Holidays

Canvas Holidays, formerly a prominent contender in the travel sector, has experienced its fair share of fluctuations. A well-known brand among families, Canvas Holidays was recognized for its exceptional offerings, ranging from cozy lodging to exhilarating escapades. However, what led to the downfall of this esteemed travel enterprise? Let’s explore its voyage.

The Origin of Canvas Holidays

Canvas Holidays was born in 1964, founded by the Cuthbert family. The idea came from their own camping experiences in France, which they wanted to share with other families. They initially offered comfortable, pre-erected tents, and later expanded to mobile homes and self-catering apartments. Over the years, Canvas Holidays grew from a small family business into a leading European camping operator, serving millions of customers.

Acquisition by Wyndham Worldwide

In a significant turn of events, Canvas Holidays was acquired by Wyndham Worldwide in 2003. This acquisition was a strategic move by Wyndham to strengthen its presence in the European market. However, Canvas Holidays continued to operate under its brand name, maintaining its unique identity and commitment to quality.

Merging with Vacanceselect-Selectcamp

The most significant change in Canvas Holidays’ history was its merger with the Dutch camping operator, Vacanceselect-Selectcamp in 2014. This merger was part of a larger strategic plan to create a pan-European leader in the outdoor accommodation sector. After the merger, Canvas Holidays ceased to exist as an independent entity.

Where is Canvas Holidays Now?

Today, the Canvas Holidays brand is still alive under the umbrella of Vacanceselect. The merger has allowed Canvas Holidays to offer even more locations and accommodation options to its customers. Despite the changes, the brand continues to honor its founding principles – providing quality family holidays at affordable prices.

So, while the original Canvas Holidays company may no longer exist as it once did, its spirit continues to live on, offering memorable camping experiences to families across Europe.

In conclusion, the journey of Canvas Holidays reveals how businesses can evolve over time, through strategic acquisitions and mergers, to adapt to market changes and continue serving their customers. It’s a testament to the resilience and adaptability inherent in successful businesses.