Why Doesn’T Canvas Work On Spotify

With the emergence of new functionalities in the ever-changing realm of music streaming, Spotify has unveiled a thrilling feature known as ‘Canvas’. This feature enables musicians to showcase a brief, repeating video while their song is playing. Nonetheless, you may have observed that at times this feature does not function as anticipated. If you are uncertain as to why this occurs, you have landed on the correct page. Let us delve into the causes of this problem.

Understanding Spotify’s Canvas Feature

Before we delve into the potential problems, it’s important to understand what the Canvas feature is all about. Spotify’s Canvas is a feature that allows artists and their teams to upload 3-8 second looping videos to accompany their tracks, acting as a digital album cover. This feature enhances the listener’s experience and allows artists to showcase their creativity beyond the music itself.

Potential Reasons Why Canvas Might Not Work

1. Spotify Version

The Canvas feature is only available on certain versions of the Spotify app. If you’re using an older version of Spotify, the Canvas feature may not work. It’s always a good idea to keep your apps updated to the latest version to enjoy all the features they offer.

2. Settings

Another reason might be your Spotify settings. Spotify allows users to disable the Canvas feature if they want. If your Canvas is not working, it might be because you’ve accidentally turned it off. To check this, go to the settings on your Spotify app. Under the ‘Playback’ settings, make sure the toggle next to ‘Canvas’ is turned on.

3. Internet Connection

Canvas requires a good internet connection to work properly. If your internet connection is slow or unstable, the Canvas might fail to load or not appear at all.

4. Artist Has Not Uploaded a Canvas

Finally, remember that not all songs on Spotify have a Canvas. It’s up to the artist and their team to create and upload a Canvas for their songs. If the song you’re listening to doesn’t have a Canvas, it’s probably because the artist has chosen not to upload one.


Now you know why the Canvas feature on Spotify might not be working. Most of the time, it can be fixed by simply updating your app, checking your settings, or improving your internet connection. However, keep in mind that not all songs will have a Canvas, as it’s up to the individual artist or their team to create and upload one.