How To Upload Zip File To WordPress

Uploading a zip file to your WordPress site is a convenient way to share files with your visitors, such as
downloadable resources, templates, or portfolios. By default, WordPress doesn’t allow uploading zip files for
security reasons. However, with a few simple tweaks, you can safely enable this feature on your site. In this
blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of uploading a zip file to your WordPress site.

Method 1: Using a Plugin

One of the easiest ways to enable zip file uploads is by using a plugin. The WP Add Mime Types plugin allows you to add support for additional file types, including zip files. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Install and activate the WP Add Mime Types plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.
  2. Go to Settings > Mime Type Settings.
  3. Add the following line in the “Add Values” field:

zip = application/zip

  1. Click the Save Changes button.

Now you can upload zip files just like any other media file in WordPress.

Method 2: Editing the functions.php File

If you prefer not to use a plugin, you can manually add support for zip files by editing your theme’s functions.php file. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Access your WordPress site’s files using an FTP client or the file manager provided by your hosting company.
  2. Navigate to the wp-content/themes directory and locate your active theme’s folder.
  3. Edit the functions.php file and add the following code at the end of the file:

        function custom_upload_mimes( $mimes ) {
            $mimes['zip'] = 'application/zip';
            return $mimes;
        add_filter( 'upload_mimes', 'custom_upload_mimes' );

  1. Save the file and upload it back to your server.

You can now upload zip files to your WordPress site.

Uploading a Zip File

Once you’ve enabled zip file uploads using either Method 1 or Method 2, you can upload a zip file to your WordPress site like any other media file:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Media > Add New.
  2. Click the Select Files button and choose the zip file from your computer.
  3. Once the file is uploaded, you can copy the file URL and use it to create a download link in your posts or pages.


Uploading a zip file to your WordPress site is a simple process once you’ve enabled support for the file type. Whether you choose to use a plugin or manually edit your theme’s functions.php file, you’ll be able to easily share zip files with your visitors in no time.