Why Does Canva Download Blurry

If youIf you are having trouble with blurry Canva downloads, you are not the only one. Many other users have encountered the same problem. In this article, we will explore the causes of this issue and provide solutions to fix it.

What Causes Blurry Downloads?

There are several potential reasons why your Canva downloads might appear blurry. These are:

  1. Low resolution: Canva offers different resolution options for downloads. If you choose a lower resolution, the resulting image might not be as crisp as you want it to be.
  2. Compression: Canva automatically compresses downloads to reduce the file size. This is handy for saving space, but it can degrade image quality.
  3. Scaling: If you scale up an image you downloaded from Canva, it might appear pixelated or blurry. This is because the image resolution doesn’t change when you scale an image up.

How to Avoid Blurry Downloads?

Now that we’ve identified the possible causes, let’s look at the solutions:

  1. Selecting a higher resolution: When downloading, ensure you choose a higher resolution option. This will give you a larger file size but will significantly improve image quality.
  2. Don’t scale up images: If you need to scale an image, it’s better to do it in Canva before you download. This way, you can ensure the resolution remains high.
  3. Using the PDF format: If you’re downloading printables, consider using the PDF format. This format maintains a high resolution, ensuring your printouts look crisp and clear.

Additional Tips

If you’re still having trouble with blurry downloads, consider reaching out to Canva’s customer support. They’ll be able to guide you through more specific solutions that best suit your situation.


While it can be frustrating to deal with blurry Canva downloads, understanding the causes can help you prevent this issue in the future. By selecting a higher resolution, avoiding scaling up images, and using the correct download format, you can ensure your graphics always look their best.