How To Zoom Picture In Canva

Are you utilizing Canva for your graphic design requirements and questioning how to zoom in or out on an image? You’ve landed on the correct page. This guide will assist you in comprehending the efficient way to zoom in and out on this design platform.

Zooming in Canva

Though Canva doesn’t have a built-in zoom function in its traditional sense, this does not mean that you can’t get a closer look at your work or zoom out to see a wider view. The workaround is simple and effective:

Step 1: Adding your image

Firstly, let’s add the picture you want to work with to your Canva design. Click on the Uploads tab, and then click Upload an image. Once you’ve selected the image from your files, click Open.

Step 2: Increasing and Reducing the Size of the Image

This is where the ‘zooming’ happens. To zoom in, simply increase the size of the image. Click the corner of the image and drag it outwards. To zoom out or make the image smaller, click and drag the corner of the image inwards.

Step 3: Applying the Changes

After you’re satisfied with the zoom level, simply click anywhere outside the image to apply the changes.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some useful shortcuts you can use in Canva to make this process even smoother. These are:

  • Cmd/Ctrl + ‘+’: This command zooms in
  • Cmd/Ctrl + ‘-‘: This command zooms out
  • Cmd/Ctrl + ‘0’: This command returns the view to the default zoom level


Even though Canva doesn’t have a traditional zoom tool, the feature is essentially there. It just requires a slight workaround. Hopefully, this guide has made the process of zooming in and out in Canva clearer for you.