What To Paint Canvas

Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner painter, choosing a subject for your canvas can often be a difficult task. Luckily, there is no shortage of inspiration in the world around us. Here are some suggestions to help get your creative juices flowing.


Nature is a rich source of inspiration for many artists. Landscapes, seascapes, tranquil lakes, vibrant sunsets, lush forests, or the quiet beauty of a single leaf – nature offers endless possibilities. Try capturing the changing seasons or different times of day to bring variety to your work.

Abstract Art

If you’re less into reality and more into expressing your emotional reality, abstract art is a great avenue. Play with colors, lines, shapes, and forms to convey your feelings. Remember there are no rules in abstract art. Let your creativity flow freely.

Still Life

For those who enjoy focusing on details, still life paintings could be rewarding. Everyday objects like a vase, a bowl of fruit, or a pair of old shoes can become the subject of your creation. The magic lies in your interpretation and how you bring these objects to life on canvas.


Portraits are an excellent way to practice and develop your skills. You can start by painting self-portraits, move on to family members and friends, and then branch out to painting portraits from photographs. Remember, it’s not just about capturing the physical features, but also the personality and soul of the person.

Use Mixed Media

Mixed media is a unique way to break the monotony and add a new dimension to your art. You can incorporate materials like newspaper clippings, fabric pieces, or even objects like buttons and feathers into your canvas painting.

Remember, the most important thing in painting is to enjoy the process. Don’t be too caught up in the final product. Practice, experiment, make mistakes, learn, and grow as an artist.

Whatever you decide to paint, the key is to start. Pick up that brush, splash some colors on your canvas, and let your creations tell your story. Happy painting!