What Kind Of Canvas Did Bob Ross Use

Do you recall the gentle, soft-spoken artist on television who effortlessly created a captivating landscape in only thirty minutes? That’s right, we’re talking about Bob Ross – the adored painter and TV personality famous for his speedy and uncomplicated ‘wet-on-wet’ painting style. His program, ‘The Joy of Painting’, has motivated countless people all over the globe to pick up a paintbrush and start creating. But have you ever pondered the type of canvas that was regularly the starting point for his artistic endeavors?

The Bob Ross Canvas

Bob Ross always emphasized the importance of using quality materials, and that included the canvas. He typically used a double-primed, pre-stretched canvas. The double priming resulted in a canvas that was smooth and ready to receive paint, allowing Ross to effortlessly glide his brush across.

Why Double-primed and Pre-stretched?

A double-primed canvas, as the name suggests, is primed twice. Priming is the process of applying a layer of material (usually gesso) to seal the canvas and prevent the paint from soaking in. This provides a smoother surface for the paint, enhancing the vibrancy and longevity of the colors.

On the other hand, a pre-stretched canvas is stretched onto a wooden frame and secured, making it ready to paint on immediately. This also ensures that the canvas does not warp over time, thus retaining the integrity of the painted image.

Picking the Right Canvas

In choosing a canvas, much depends on the artist’s preference. However, if you wish to emulate Bob Ross’s style of painting, then opting for a double-primed, pre-stretched canvas would be the way to go. Remember, the canvas is your stage; choosing the right one can set the stage for a masterpiece!


In the world of painting, Bob Ross stood out as a beacon of creative inspiration. His choice of canvas was a testament to his commitment to quality and technique. So, the next time you’re gearing up for a painting session, think about the canvas you’re using. Just like Bob Ross, let it be the first step towards creating your own beautiful world.