What Do I Need To Sew Canvas

Canvas fabric, renowned for its robust and resilient properties, is utilized for a multitude of stitching ventures, ranging from protective sail covers to versatile carryall bags. However, prior to embarking on your canvas undertaking, there are various tools and materials that must be procured to guarantee optimal outcomes. Therefore, let’s begin!

1. Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Not all sewing machines can handle thick materials like canvas. You will need a heavy-duty sewing machine with a powerful motor that can tackle multiple layers of this tough fabric.

2. Heavy-Duty Needles

Regular sewing needles will not penetrate canvas; they’ll just break. Therefore, you will need heavy-duty or denim needles. These have a sharp point and a stronger shank to pass through the dense fabric.

3. Strong Thread

Standard thread won’t be able to withstand the wear and tear of canvas projects. Opt for a heavy-duty polyester thread that can handle the stress. This type of thread is durable and resistant to UV rays, which is especially important for outdoor canvas projects.

4. Fabric Scissors

Cutting canvas requires a sharp pair of fabric scissors. These scissors have stronger, sharper blades that can easily cut through thick materials.

5. Craft Clips

Unlike with lightweight fabrics, pinning canvas can be tough and may cause damage. Instead, use craft clips to hold your material together. They’re easy to use and won’t leave holes or marks.

6. Tailor’s Chalk or Fabric Marker

For precise cuts and seams, you’ll want to mark your fabric first. Tailor’s chalk or fabric markers are perfect for this. They provide clear, visible lines and are easy to remove once you’re done.


Sewing canvas can be a challenging task, but with the right tools in your toolbox, it can be a rewarding experience. Now that you’re familiar with the essentials, you’re ready to start your canvas sewing project. Happy sewing!