Free Canva Pro Team Link

Designing has never been easier with Canva. Especially, when you get to enjoy the premium features of Canva Pro. Today, we will be discussing how you can invite your team to collaborate on designs with a Free Canva Pro Team Link.

What is Canva Pro?

First, let’s understand what Canva Pro is. Canva Pro is a premium version of the Canva design tool. It comes with several efficient, time-saving features like brand kit setup, unlimited folders, resize tool, and access to over 60 million premium stock images, videos, and graphics.

What is Canva Pro Team?

Canva Pro Team is a feature that allows you to collaborate with your team on your designs. You can share editable versions of your designs, comment directly on the design, and even see changes made in real-time.

Accessing Canva Pro Team with a Free Link

The great news is, you can now access all the premium features of Canva Pro Team for free! All you require is the Free Canva Pro Team Link. You can use this link to invite your team members to join your Canva Pro team and enjoy the benefits at no extra cost.

How to Use the Free Canva Pro Team Link?

Using a Free Canva Pro Team link is simple and straightforward:

1. First, you need to create a Canva Pro account or upgrade your existing account to Canva Pro.
2. Once you have a Canva Pro account, go to the 'Team' section.
3. Here, you will find an option to invite people to your team.
4. You can find the 'Share a link to invite' option. Click on it to generate your Free Canva Pro Team Link.
5. Share this link with your team. Once they accept the invitation, they will be added to your Canva Pro Team.

Just by following these steps, you can build a dynamic team, ready to create stunning designs together.


With a Free Canva Pro Team Link, effective collaboration on design projects has become more accessible. So why wait? Invite your team and unlock the full potential of Canva Pro today!