Is It Ok To Put A Canvas Painting In A Bathroom

The concept of hanging a canvas painting in your bathroom may seem attractive. It is a great way to display artwork and enhance the ambiance of the space. However, before you proceed to hang your beloved piece above the bathtub, it is crucial to consider the potential impact of moisture and heat on the painting. Therefore, is it acceptable to display a canvas painting in a bathroom? Let us delve into the details.

Understanding the Impact of Humidity and Temperature

It’s no secret that bathrooms can get quite humid and hot, especially during a shower or a bath. These conditions can be harmful to canvas paintings. Moisture can lead the canvas to expand and contract, which could cause the paint to crack and flake. Additionally, high temperature can also cause paint to peel.

Protecting Your Canvas Painting

If you decide to display a canvas painting in your bathroom, there are a few measures you can take to protect it. Firstly, ensure that your bathroom is well ventilated. An exhaust fan can reduce humidity levels significantly. Secondly, use a frame with a glass cover to provide a barrier between the artwork and the moisture in the room. Lastly, consider using a sealant on the painting. It can offer additional protection from moisture and temperature changes.

Choosing the Right Artwork

If you are uncomfortable with risking a valuable piece of artwork, you can opt for canvas prints or reproductions. These are less expensive and easier to replace if damaged. Alternatively, you can choose artwork specifically created to withstand high-moisture environments. For instance, artwork made with acrylic paint is generally more resistant to humidity than oil paintings.


In conclusion, while it’s possible to put a canvas painting in a bathroom, it’s important to take adequate precautions to protect it from the potentially damaging effects of heat and humidity. If you’re not comfortable with risking your original painting, canvas prints, reproductions, or moisture-resistant artwork might be a better choice for bathroom décor.