How To Summon A Mob With No Ai

Summoning mobs in Minecraft is a thrilling and enjoyable method to spice up your gameplay. But at times, you may desire to summon a mob without its AI capabilities. This can come in handy for crafting personalized mobs or experimenting with new mods. This guide will elucidate the process of summoning mobs with no AI in Minecraft.

Step 1: Open the Command Console

To summon a mob with no AI, you will need to use the command console. On Windows, press the T key to open the command console. On Mac, press the G key. Once the command console is open, type in the following command:

/summon [mob name] {NoAI:1}

Step 2: Replace [mob name] with the Name of the Mob You Want to Summon

In the command above, replace [mob name] with the name of the mob you want to summon. For example, if you want to summon a zombie, type in /summon zombie {NoAI:1} .

Step 3: Replace NoAI:1 with NoAI:0 to Summon the Mob with AI

If you want to summon the mob with AI, simply replace NoAI:1 with NoAI:0. This will allow the mob to have AI and behave like a normal mob.


In conclusion, summoning a mob with no AI in Minecraft is a simple process that can be done using the command console. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily summon any mob without any artificial intelligence attached to it.