How To Wireframe In Figma

Wireframing is an essential step in any screen design process. It primarily allows you to define the information hierarchy of your design, making it easier for you to plan the layout according to how you want your user to process the information. If you have not used Figma for wireframing before, this tutorial will guide you through the process.

Step 1: Understand Figma Basics

Before starting with wireframing in Figma, it’s crucial to understand some basic functionalities. Figma is an interface design tool that allows multiple designers to collaborate in real-time. It’s available in the browser and on desktop with Windows and macOS compatible versions. It’s worth spending some time learning about its user interface and primary features.

Step 2: Starting a New Project

To begin wireframing, you’ll need to start a new project. After logging into Figma, click the ‘+’ icon on the top-left corner and select ‘Create new File’. Once the canvas loads, you’re ready to start designing.

Step 3: Creating a Frame

In Figma, frames are used to represent screens. To create a new frame, select the ‘Frame’ tool from the toolbar on the left or use the shortcut F. Choose the desired frame size from the options available or set a custom size in the properties panel on the right. This frame will serve as your first screen.

Step 4: Adding Elements

You can add different elements to your frame like shapes, text fields, lines, and more. You can do this by using the shape, text, and components tools. After adding an element, you can customize its properties like color, stroke, font, etc.

Step 5: Creating and Using Components

Components are reusable elements in Figma. You can easily create a component by selecting an element or group of elements and clicking the ‘Create component’ button in the properties panel.

Once you’ve created a component, you can reuse it across multiple frames. To do this, you’ll need to drag it from the assets panel and drop it into your frame. This feature is particularly useful for elements that recur across screens, like buttons or icons.

Step 6: Previewing and Sharing Your Design

Figma allows you to preview your designs using the ‘Present’ mode. You can also share your design files or prototypes with others by clicking the ‘Share’ button on the top-right corner.


Wireframing in Figma is a truly intuitive and collaborative experience. The ability to work on the same project simultaneously with your team, coupled with a host of powerful design tools, makes Figma a great choice for wireframing.