How To Use Zoom Accessibility On Iphone

The utilization of zoom accessibility on iPhones enables individuals with visual impairments to enlarge the screen for more legibility. This guide will detail the steps for utilizing zoom accessibility on your iPhone.

Step 1: Enable Zoom Accessibility

To enable zoom accessibility on your iPhone, go to the Settings app and select “Accessibility”. Scroll down and select “Zoom” and turn it on. You can also adjust the magnification level and other settings here.

Step 2: Use Zoom Accessibility

Once you have enabled zoom accessibility, you can use it by triple-tapping with three fingers on the screen. This will activate the zoom feature and allow you to magnify the screen. You can also adjust the magnification level by pinching and dragging with three fingers.

Step 3: Customize Zoom Accessibility

You can customize zoom accessibility by going back to the Settings app and selecting “Accessibility” followed by “Zoom”. Here, you can adjust the magnification level, display settings, and other options. You can also choose whether to show the dock and status bar while using zoom accessibility.


Zoom accessibility is a useful feature on iPhones that can make it easier for users with visual impairments to use their device. By following these steps, you can enable and customize zoom accessibility on your iPhone to suit your needs.