How To Use Topaz Ai With Lightroom

Topaz AI stands as an impactful software that elevates the quality of your images, rendering them with a professional finish. This guide will detail the process of integrating Topaz AI with Lightroom to achieve optimal outcomes.

Step 1: Install Topaz AI

The first step is to install Topaz AI on your computer. You can download it from the official website and follow the installation instructions. Once installed, you will see a new plugin in Lightroom.

Step 2: Open Lightroom

Open Lightroom and select the photo you want to edit. Then, go to the Develop module and click on the Topaz AI plugin.

Step 3: Choose a Preset

Topaz AI has many presets that can enhance your photos in different ways. You can choose from the default presets or create your own. Once you have selected a preset, click on the Apply button to apply it to your photo.

Step 4: Adjust Settings

After applying the preset, you can adjust the settings to get the desired result. You can change the intensity of the effect, adjust the brightness and contrast, and even add a vignette. Once you are satisfied with the results, click on the Save button to save your changes.

Step 5: Export Your Photo

Finally, export your photo from Lightroom by going to File > Export. Choose the format and quality you want and save it in a location of your choice.


Using Topaz AI with Lightroom can help you enhance your photos and make them look more professional. By following these steps, you can easily use Topaz AI to get the best results. Remember to experiment with different presets and settings to find the one that works best for you.