How To Use Mailchimp For Newsletters

Welcome to our guide on how to use Mailchimp for newsletters. Mailchimp is a great platform that allows you to easily manage your email marketing efforts. One of its most useful features is the ability to create and send out eye-catching newsletters, which can be a critical part of your digital marketing strategy.

Getting Started

First, you need to sign up for a Mailchimp account. Visit the Mailchimp website and click on the ‘Sign Up Free’ button. Follow the instructions provided to create your account.

Creating a Subscriber List

Before you can start sending out newsletters, you need to have a list of subscribers to send them to. To create a new list, navigate to the ‘Audience’ tab and select ‘Manage Audience’ > ‘Create Audience’.

You’ll be prompted to provide some information about your audience, such as an audience name and a default email address. Fill in these details as appropriate.

Creating Your Newsletter

With an audience set up, we can now focus on creating our newsletter. To start, go to the ‘Campaigns’ tab and click on ‘Create Campaign’. In the dropdown, select ‘Email’ and then ‘Regular’.

You’ll be prompted to enter some information about your campaign, such as a campaign name and an email subject. Fill in these details as required.

Next comes the fun part – designing your newsletter! Mailchimp provides an easy-to-use design builder that you can use to create an attractive and engaging newsletter. Click on ‘Design Email’ to start creating your newsletter.

Here’s a piece of code that might help you in the process:

        "type": "regular",
        "recipients": {
            "list_id": "your_list_id"
        "settings": {
            "subject_line": "Your Subject",
            "from_name": "Your Name",
            "reply_to": "Your Email",
            "template_id": your_template_id

Sending Your Newsletter

Once you’re happy with your design, you’re ready to send out your newsletter. You can choose to send it immediately, or schedule it for a later time.

To send it immediately, click on ‘Send’ at the top right of the page. To schedule it, click on ‘Schedule’ next to the ‘Send’ button and choose a date and time.


And that’s a brief overview of how to use Mailchimp to send out newsletters. It’s a powerful tool that makes email marketing simple and easy, even for beginners. So why not give it a try and start engaging with your audience today?