How To Use Google Analytics For Blogger

If you happen to have a Blogger blog, you may want to gain more insights about your readers. A helpful tool for this is Google Analytics, and we will guide you on how to set it up on your Blogger site.

Sign Up for Google Analytics

To start, you will need to have a Google Analytics account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free. Once you have your Google Analytics account, you can add your Blogger site.

Adding Your Blogger Site to Google Analytics

Once logged in to your Google Analytics account, go to the Admin section. In the Property column, click on Create Property. Fill in the details of your Blogger site.

Getting Your Tracking Code

Once your site is added to Google Analytics, you need to get your tracking code. In the Property section, click on Tracking Info and then Tracking Code. Copy the whole snippet.

Adding the Tracking Code to Blogger

The final step is to add this tracking code to your Blogger site. Log in to your Blogger account and go to Settings. Under the Other section, you will find an option for Google Analytics. Paste your tracking code here.

Start Tracking

With that, you have successfully added Google Analytics to your Blogger site. You can now start tracking your site’s performance and understand your audience better.


Google Analytics is a powerful tool for understanding your audience and improving your site. With these simple steps, you can easily add it to your Blogger site and start making data-driven decisions.