How To Use Ai Servo

AI Servo is a capability found in numerous cameras that enhances your photography. It’s short for “Artificial Intelligence Servo,” employing sophisticated technology to follow subjects in motion within your shot. Consequently, the camera can maintain precise focus on the subject, despite any movement.

How Does AI Servo Work?

AI Servo works by using a combination of sensors and algorithms to track the movement of your subject. When you press the shutter button, the camera will use these sensors to determine where your subject is in the frame and adjust its focus accordingly. This means that even if your subject is moving quickly or erratically, the camera will still be able to keep them in focus.

How to Use AI Servo

To use AI Servo, you’ll need to turn it on in your camera’s settings. Once you’ve done that, simply point your camera at your subject and press the shutter button. The camera will do the rest of the work for you.

Tips for Using AI Servo

  • Make sure your subject is in the center of the frame to ensure accurate tracking.
  • Use a fast shutter speed to freeze any movement and prevent blurry photos.
  • Practice using AI Servo in different situations to get the hang of it.


AI Servo is a powerful tool for photographers who want to capture sharp, clear photos of moving subjects. By understanding how it works and following some simple tips, you can use AI Servo to take your photography to the next level.