How To Upload A List To Hubspot

HubSpot stands as a formidable marketing automation tool, empowering companies to nurture their customer engagements and enhance lead generation. A standout capability of HubSpot involves the ease with which data can be imported and exported, particularly concerning contact lists. Within this article, we’re set to guide you through the process of uploading a contact list to HubSpot.

Step 1: Log in to HubSpot

The first step in uploading a list to HubSpot is to log in to your account. Once you have logged in, navigate to the “Contacts” tab and select “Import Contacts.”

Step 2: Choose Your File Format

HubSpot supports several file formats for importing contacts, including CSV, XLSX, and TSV. Choose the format that best suits your needs and click “Next.”

Step 3: Upload Your File

Once you have chosen your file format, select the file you want to upload from your computer or device. HubSpot will automatically detect the columns in your file and map them to the appropriate fields in your contact database.

Step 4: Review Your Import

After uploading your file, HubSpot will display a preview of the contacts that will be imported. Review this preview carefully to ensure that all of your data has been accurately mapped and that there are no errors or duplicates.

Step 5: Import Your Contacts

Once you have reviewed your import, click “Import” to add the contacts to your HubSpot database. Depending on the size of your file and the number of contacts being imported, this process may take a few minutes.


Uploading a list to HubSpot is a simple process that can save you time and effort when managing your customer relationships. By following these steps, you can quickly and easily import your contact data into HubSpot and start using its powerful marketing automation features.