How To Trick Canvas Quiz Log

Canvas, an internet-based education platform, provides a diverse range of options such as hosting quizzes and exams. This comprehensive system monitors student engagement, including quiz records. Yet, there may be instances where students attempt to deceive the system for different motives. In this blog post, we will investigate methods that could potentially manipulate the Canvas Quiz Log.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only, to understand how the Canvas system works. Misusing this information for unethical purposes could lead to serious consequences including academic penalties.

Understanding Canvas Quiz Log

The Canvas Quiz Log feature allows professors to see when students answer each question and when they stop viewing the test. However, this log isn’t perfect and can be tricked. There are a few ways that this could possibly be done:

1. Using Multiple Devices

One simple way that students attempt to trick the Canvas Quiz Log is by using multiple devices. One device is used to take the quiz on Canvas while the other is used to look up answers.

2. Taking Screenshots

Another common method involves taking screenshots of the quiz questions and then looking up the answers later. This doesn’t require leaving the Canvas window and thus, wouldn’t be recorded in the log.

How to Trick Canvas Quiz Log Using Code

There are also more technical ways involving coding to trick the system. Again, this should be done responsibly and ethically. Let’s look at this hypothetically. The following Python script can be used to automate the process of taking a quiz:

            import pyautogui
            import time

            def take_quiz():
      , y)  # coordinates of the quiz
      , b)  # coordinates of the first option
      , d)  # coordinates of the 'Next' button

This script uses the pyautogui module to control the mouse and keyboard, and the time module to add delays between actions. Again, misusing this script for unethical purposes could lead to serious consequences.


As you can see, although it might be possible to trick the Canvas Quiz Log, it’s not recommended. Academic integrity is paramount and should be upheld at all times. It’s always better to study, understand the material, and do your best on the quiz without attempting to trick the system.