How To Split A Page In Notion

Notion serves as an effective instrument for arranging and controlling data. A prominent attribute it offers is the division of pages, enhancing the organization and navigability of your content. This article is designed to guide you through the process of dividing a page in Notion.

Step 1: Open Your Notion Page

To begin, open the Notion page that you want to split. You can do this by clicking on the page name in your workspace or by searching for it using the search bar at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Create a New Page

Once you’re on the page you want to split, click on the “New” button in the toolbar above the content area. This will create a new page within your workspace.

Step 3: Move Your Content to the New Page

Now that you have a new page, it’s time to move your content over. To do this, simply click and drag the content you want to move from the original page onto the new page. You can also use the “Move” button in the toolbar above the content area to move multiple pieces of content at once.

Step 4: Customize Your New Page

Once your content is on the new page, you can customize it however you like. You can add new sections, change the layout, and even create subpages to further organize your information.

Step 5: Save Your Changes

Finally, be sure to save your changes by clicking on the “Save” button in the toolbar above the content area. This will ensure that your new page is saved and ready for use.


Splitting a page in Notion can be a powerful way to keep your information organized and easy to navigate. By following these simple steps, you can create new pages and move your content around with ease. With Notion’s flexible layout options and customizable features, the possibilities are endless.