How To Slacken Head Tube Angle

A crucial aspect of a bicycle’s geometry is its head tube angle, which significantly affects its performance on various terrains. In this article, we will explore the process of reducing the head tube angle and its impact on the riding experience. Let’s begin!

Understanding Head Tube Angle

The head tube angle is the angle between the ground and your bike’s head tube. A steeper head tube angle (closer to 90 degrees) makes the bike responsive at high speeds but less stable. On the other hand, a slacker head tube angle (closer to 0 degrees) makes the bike more stable, especially when descending, but less responsive to quick steering.

Why Would You Want to Slacken Your Head Tube Angle?

Slackening the head tube angle can improve your bike’s handling in certain situations. For instance, if you regularly ride in steep, rough terrains, a slacker head tube angle can make your bike more stable and easier to control.

How to Slacken Your Bike’s Head Tube Angle

There are several ways to slacken the head tube angle on your bike. These are:

  • Changing the Fork
  • Using Angle-Adjust Headsets
  • Adjusting the Suspension

Changing the Fork

One of the most effective ways to slacken your head tube angle is by replacing your current fork with a longer one. The increased length of the fork makes the head tube angle slacker. It’s important to note that you should only do this if you’re comfortable with the changes it will make to your bike’s handling.

Using Angle-Adjust Headsets

Angle-adjust headsets are another excellent way to slacken your bike’s head tube angle. These headsets can adjust your head tube angle by up to 2 degrees, which can significantly change your bike’s handling. Be sure to consult with a bike fitting professional before making this change.

Adjusting the Suspension

Finally, adjusting your bike’s suspension can also alter your head tube angle. By lowering your bike’s front suspension or increasing the rear suspension, you can slacken the head tube angle. However, this method can affect other aspects of your bike’s geometry, so it’s best to do this under the guidance of a professional.


Modifying your bike’s head tube angle can transform your bike’s handling, making it more compatible with your riding style and the terrains you frequent. While it’s possible to make these adjustments yourself, we recommend seeking professional advice to ensure that any changes made are safe and beneficial to your biking experience.