How To Segment Contacts In Hubspot

One of the helpful tools provided by HubSpot, a renowned platform for CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service, is contact segmentation. This feature allows businesses to categorize their contacts into different groups based on specific parameters, such as their demographics, behaviors, and interactions with the business. This aids in effectively managing and improving customer relationships.

Segmenting contacts is crucial for your marketing strategy as it allows you to send targeted messages to different groups, thereby increasing engagement and conversion rates. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of segmenting contacts in HubSpot.

Step 1: Navigate to Contacts

Log into your HubSpot account and navigate to your contacts by clicking on ‘Contacts’ in the main navigation bar at the top of the page.

Step 2: Choose ‘Lists’

Once you’re in the ‘Contacts’ section, select the ‘Lists’ option in the left sidebar. This will take you to the ‘Lists’ section where you can create new contact segments.

Step 3: Click ‘Create List’

In the upper right corner of the ‘Lists’ section, you will see a button labeled ‘Create list.’ Click on this button to start creating a new contact segment.

Step 4: Define Your Segment

Next, you have to define your segment. HubSpot allows you to segment contacts based on ‘Contact properties’, ‘Company properties’, ‘Deal properties’, ‘Behavior’, ‘List memberships’, and ‘Marketing email activity’. Choose the appropriate category and specify the conditions for your segment.

For example, you might want to segment contacts who have opened one of your marketing emails in the past month. To do this, you would choose ‘Marketing email activity’ as your category and specify that the ‘Email’ property ‘Has been opened’ in the ‘Past month’.

Step 5: Save Your Segment

Once you have defined your segment, give it a name and click on the ‘Save’ button. Your new segment will now appear in your ‘Lists’ section.

That’s it! You have successfully segmented your contacts in HubSpot. You can now use these segments to send targeted emails, create personalized workflows, and more.

To learn more about leveraging HubSpot’s powerful features for your business, stay tuned to our blog. Happy segmenting!