How To Add Editorial Calendar Option To Trello

Trello is a popular project management tool that allows users to create and organize tasks in a visual way. One of the most useful features of Trello is its ability to add an editorial calendar option, which can help you keep track of your content creation schedule and ensure that you are meeting your deadlines.

Step 1: Create a New Board

To add an editorial calendar option to Trello, the first step is to create a new board. This will be the main hub for all of your content creation and scheduling activities. Give your board a name that reflects its purpose, such as “Content Calendar” or “Editorial Schedule”.

Step 2: Create Lists

Once you have created your new board, the next step is to create lists for each stage of your content creation process. For example, you might create lists for “Ideas”, “In Progress”, “Review”, and “Published”. These lists will help you keep track of where each piece of content is in the production process.

Step 3: Create Cards

With your lists in place, it’s time to start creating cards for each piece of content you want to include in your editorial calendar. Each card should include details such as the title of the content, the author or creator, and any relevant deadlines or milestones.

Step 4: Add Due Dates

One of the most important features of an editorial calendar is the ability to set due dates for each piece of content. In Trello, you can add due dates by clicking on the calendar icon in the top right corner of each card and selecting a date from the pop-up window.

Step 5: Customize Your Calendar

Once you have added all of your content to Trello and set due dates for each piece, it’s time to customize your calendar. You can do this by clicking on the “Calendar” button in the top right corner of your board and selecting the view that works best for you.

Step 6: Use Labels

Finally, if you want to add even more organization to your editorial calendar, consider using labels. Trello allows you to create custom labels for each piece of content, which can help you quickly identify and sort your cards based on criteria such as topic or type of content.


By following these steps, you can easily add an editorial calendar option to Trello and start managing your content creation schedule more effectively. With a clear view of what needs to be done and when, you’ll be able to stay on top of your deadlines and ensure that your content is always high-quality and engaging.