How To See Your Facebook Ads Live

When conducting paid advertisements on Facebook, it is essential to understand the effectiveness of your ads. One approach to achieve this is by viewing your Facebook ads in real-time. This guide will lead you through the process of viewing your Facebook ads live, providing you with firsthand knowledge of their appearance and performance in the actual market.

Step 1: Go to Your Facebook Ads Manager

The first step is to navigate to your Facebook Ads Manager. This is the dashboard where you can create, manage, and track your Facebook ads. You can access your Ads Manager by clicking on the menu in the top right corner of your Facebook page and selecting ‘Manage Ads’.

Step 2: Select the Ad Campaign

Once you’re in the Ads Manager, you will see a list of your ad campaigns. Click on the name of the campaign you want to view. This will take you to the ‘Ad Sets’ level of the campaign.

Step 3: Click on the Ad Set

From the list of ad sets, click on the one that contains the ad you want to see live. This will take you to the ‘Ads’ level of the campaign.

Step 4: Preview the Ad

Find the ad you want to see live and click on the ‘Preview’ button. This opens a dropdown. Click ‘Facebook Post with Comments’. This will open a new tab with your ad as it appears on Facebook. You can view your live ad, complete with likes, comments, and shares, just like any other Facebook post.

Using Facebook Ad Library

Another method you may find useful is the Facebook Ad Library. This tool allows you to search for and view ads that are currently running across Facebook products. Even if it’s not your ad, you can still view it if the ad is currently live.

To use the Facebook Ad Library:

  1. Go to the Facebook Ad Library.
  2. Enter the Page’s name in the search bar.
  3. Click on the Page’s name to view its active ads.


Being able to see your Facebook ads live allows you to understand how your audience sees and interacts with your ads. This can give you valuable insights and help you make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns. So, follow the steps above and make the most out of your Facebook ad campaigns!

Remember, tracking and analyzing your ad performance is key to your success on Facebook. So, keep a close eye on your live ads and their performance metrics.