How To Become A Whatsapp Partner

WhatsApp, the widely used messaging application, presents a special chance for businesses and developers with its WhatsApp Business API. As a WhatsApp Partner, you can fully delve into this platform, discover new business prospects, and enhance your customers’ communication. This article will instruct you on how to become a WhatsApp Partner.

Why Become a WhatsApp Partner?

Becoming a WhatsApp Partner helps you provide your customers with a seamless service experience. You can send timely notifications, resolve queries promptly, and improve your customer service, all through an app that’s already on your customer’s phone.

Steps to Become a WhatsApp Partner

1. Understand WhatsApp’s Business Model

Before applying to become a partner, it’s essential to understand WhatsApp’s business model. The messaging platform provides businesses with the capability to communicate directly with their customers. However, the communication must be initiated by the customer, and businesses are not allowed to send unsolicited messages.

2. Prepare Your Business Information

You need to provide your business information, including but not limited to, your business name, address, website, and a brief description of your company. This information helps WhatsApp understand your business and determine if it fits their platform.

3. Apply for WhatsApp Business API

To become a WhatsApp partner, your first step should be applying for the WhatsApp Business API. Visit the WhatsApp Business API website, fill out the application form, and wait for WhatsApp’s team to review your application.

4. Implement the WhatsApp Business API

Once your application is approved, you can start implementing the WhatsApp Business API. However, you should have a strong understanding of how API works. If you’re not a developer, we recommend hiring one to help you with this process.

5. Complete the Verification Process

After implementing the WhatsApp Business API, you need to complete the verification process. This includes confirming your business phone number and connecting it to your Facebook Business Manager account.

6. Maintain WhatsApp’s Standards

Being a WhatsApp Partner also means maintaining the standards set by the platform. WhatsApp strictly regulates the content and frequency of messages sent by businesses. Non-compliance with these standards could lead to your partnership being revoked.


Becoming a WhatsApp Partner can be a game-changer for your business. It can help you streamline your customer service, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately grow your business. So, start your journey towards becoming a WhatsApp Partner today!

Remember, the key to a successful partnership with WhatsApp is respecting their guidelines and ensuring the best experience for your customers.