How To See Everyone On Zoom

Zoom is a widely used video conferencing tool that enables individuals to remotely connect with one another. An inquiry frequently posed by users is the method to view all participants on Zoom. This guide will demonstrate how to do just that.

Step 1: Join the Meeting

The first step to seeing everyone on Zoom is to join the meeting. Once you have received an invitation to a Zoom meeting, click on the link provided in the email or calendar event. This will take you to the Zoom website where you can enter your name and join the meeting.

Step 2: Change Your View

Once you have joined the meeting, you will see a grid of video thumbnails at the top of the screen. By default, Zoom displays the active speaker in a larger window and the other participants in smaller windows below. To see everyone on Zoom, you need to change your view.

Step 3: Select Gallery View

To see everyone on Zoom, select the “Gallery View” option from the video layout menu at the top right of the screen. This will display all participants in a grid format, with each participant’s video thumbnail displayed equally.

Step 4: Adjust Your Settings

Once you have selected Gallery View, you can adjust your settings to optimize your viewing experience. You can change the size of the video thumbnails, hide non-video participants, and even pin a specific participant’s video to always be visible.


Seeing everyone on Zoom is easy with just a few simple steps. By joining the meeting, changing your view, selecting Gallery View, and adjusting your settings, you can ensure that you never miss a moment of the conversation.