How To Rotate Canvas In After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a robust tool for creating visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing. It provides various options for crafting and adjusting your compositions. One of these features is the ability to rotate your workspace. Follow these steps to learn how to accomplish this task.

1. Open After Effects

Launch Adobe After Effects on your computer and open the project where you want to rotate the canvas.

2. Select the Layer

Select the layer that you want to rotate. If you want to rotate the entire canvas, you’ll need to pre-compose all of your layers. To do this, select all layers using Ctrl+A (or Cmd+A on Mac), then right-click and choose Pre-compose.

3. Access the Rotation Property

With your layer or pre-composed layer selected, press R on your keyboard. This will bring up the rotation property in the timeline. If you don’t see the timeline, go to Window -> Timeline.

4. Rotate the Canvas

To rotate the canvas, simply click and drag the rotation parameter next to your selected layer. Dragging to the right will rotate the canvas clockwise, and dragging to the left will rotate it counterclockwise.

Alternatively, you can manually enter a rotation value. For example, entering a value of 90 will rotate your canvas 90 degrees clockwise.

5. Keyframe the Rotation

If you want your canvas to rotate over time, you can keyframe the rotation. Click the stopwatch next to the rotation parameter to create your first keyframe. Move your playhead to where you want your rotation to end and change the rotation parameter to create a second keyframe.

After Effects will automatically animate the rotation between these two keyframes.

6. Preview Your Rotation

Press spacebar to preview your rotation. If you’re happy with the rotation, save your project. If not, adjust your keyframes or rotation parameters until you’re satisfied.

And there you have it! You now know how to rotate a canvas in After Effects. Play around with these settings to create unique and dynamic compositions!

Important Note:

Remember, rotating your canvas can affect your project in various ways. Text may become harder to read, and objects in your scene may appear distorted. Always preview your rotation and make sure it achieves your desired effect before finalizing your project.