How To Release Slackers Slackline

If you enjoy slacklining, it is likely that you know about the Slackers brand. The durability and affordability of Slackers Slackline make it a popular choice. However, many slackliners struggle with correctly releasing or dismantling the slackline. While it may seem straightforward, incorrect techniques could result in injuries or equipment damage.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps of releasing a Slackers Slackline safely and correctly.

Step 1: Remove Any Additional Equipment

First, you need to remove any additional equipment attached to the slackline, like training lines, arm trainers, or balance aids. These additional tools could prevent the smooth release of the slackline and may get damaged in the process.

Step 2: Slowly Loosen the Ratchet

The next step is to slowly release the tension from the ratchet. This can be done by pulling the ratchet handle upwards until you feel a slight resistance. Then, push the handle down until it’s locked in a closed position. The process of releasing the tension should be smooth and gentle to avoid sudden jerks that can cause injuries.

Step 3: Push the Release Lever

Once the ratchet is locked in a closed position, you can then push the release lever. The release lever is usually located on the side of the ratchet. Ensure you keep a safe distance as the slackline will suddenly lose tension and could snap back.

    // Pseudo code on how to release slackline
    function releaseSlackline(ratchet){

Step 4: Remove the Slackline from the Anchoring Points

After successfully releasing the tension, you can now remove the slackline from its anchoring points. Always remember to remove the slackline from the ratchet end first to prevent the slackline from snapping back.

Following these steps will ensure a safe and correct release of your Slackers slackline. However, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when handling your slackline to prevent any unforeseen accidents or damage.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Stay safe and happy slacklining!