How To Reduce Logged Hours In Jira

One of the primary obstacles encountered by project teams is managing recorded time. If you utilize Jira, Atlassian’s project management solution, you may have encountered situations where it is necessary to decrease the recorded hours for a task. This can happen for several reasons, such as overestimation, input errors, or modifications to the task’s scope. This guide will walk you through the steps of reducing recorded hours in Jira.

Understanding Logged Hours in Jira

In Jira, logging hours forms an integral part of tracking project progress and resource management. The “Log Work” field in a Jira issue allows team members to add the amount of time they’ve spent on a task. This is, in turn, used for tracking overall project time, billing, and resource allocation.

Steps to Reduce Logged Hours

The process to reduce the logged hours in Jira is quite straightforward. However, it’s important to note that you’ll need the ‘Work on Issues’ and ‘Edit All Worklogs’ permissions to do so. Here’s how you can reduce the logged hours:

  1. Open the issue where you want to reduce the logged hours.
  2. Navigate to the “Activity” section and then click on “Work Log”.
  3. Find the work log entry you want to change and click on the “•••” (More) button next to it.
  4. Click on “Edit” in the dropdown.
  5. In the “Time Spent” field, update the logged hours to your desired value.
  6. Click on “Save”.

It’s as simple as that! The logged hours for the selected work log entry will now be updated.


Keep in mind that reducing logged hours can impact your project’s overall timing and resource allocation metrics. It’s advisable to communicate these changes to your team and project stakeholders to maintain transparency.


Managing logged hours is a crucial aspect of project management, and with Jira, it can be done quite effectively. Remember, the key to successful project management is not just about logging hours but about accurate logging. So, ensure you and your team are accurate in logging your hours, and make adjustments as necessary to reflect the true effort put into tasks.