How To Put Hubspot Certification On Resume

If you have recently obtained a HubSpot certification, congratulations! This is a great accomplishment that can greatly enhance your professional reputation in the digital marketing industry. But, how can you showcase this achievement to prospective employers? The most effective method is by including it in your resume. In this guide, we will show you how to list your HubSpot certification on your resume and make it stand out.

Step 1: Choose the Right Section

The first step is to decide where on your resume you will list your certifications. In many cases, certifications like those from HubSpot are listed in a separate ‘Certifications’ section. If you have multiple relevant certifications, it’s a good idea to create this dedicated section. The section should be positioned according to its relevance to the job you’re applying for. If it’s highly relevant, consider putting it near the top of your resume, perhaps below your summary/objective section.

Step 2: List Your Certification Correctly

When listing your HubSpot certification, make sure to include the following details: The full name of the certification (for example, ‘HubSpot Content Marketing Certification’), The issuing organization (in this case, ‘HubSpot Academy’), The date you received the certification, and The validity period (if applicable).

Step 3: Highlight Key Skills

HubSpot certifications are not just badges of honor; they also signify that you have acquired a certain set of skills. So, use this as an opportunity to highlight these skills in your resume. In your ‘Skills’ section, mention those skills you gained from the HubSpot certification course.

Step 4: Use it in Your Cover Letter

Don’t forget to mention your HubSpot certification in your cover letter, as well. This gives you an opportunity to elaborate on the skills you’ve learned and how you’ve applied them in practical scenarios. Remember, the goal is to convince potential employers of your capabilities!

Example: How to List HubSpot Certification on Resume

Here’s an example of how to list your HubSpot certification on your resume:


HubSpot Content Marketing Certification | HubSpot Academy | Received: February 2021 | Valid Through: February 2023

Note: If the certification is part of the job requirements, you might want to mention it in your resume’s summary or objective section. For instance, you might say: “Certified HubSpot Content Marketer with extensive experience in creating and managing digital content strategies.”


Adding your HubSpot certification to your resume is an excellent way to highlight your expertise to potential employers. Remember, it’s not just about listing the certification; it’s about showcasing the skills and knowledge you’ve gained from it. So, follow these steps, and let your HubSpot certification shine on your resume!