How To Verify A Hubspot Certification

The realm of online advertising is expansive and constantly evolving, and a means to stay current is by obtaining certifications from HubSpot. HubSpot Academy provides a diverse selection of complimentary courses in online marketing, sales, and customer support. You will receive a formal HubSpot certification upon finishing any of these courses. Yet, the reliability of these certifications may be questioned. Let us investigate further.

Steps to Verify a HubSpot Certification

Step 1: Go to HubSpot’s Certification Verification Page

The initial step in verifying a HubSpot certification is to navigate to the HubSpot Certification Verification page. This webpage allows companies and individuals to confirm if a person indeed holds a HubSpot certification.

Step 2: Enter the Certification ID

In the provided box, insert the Certification ID you want to verify. This ID is unique for every certification awarded by Hubspot. It is generally found on the bottom right of the certification.

Step 3: Hit the Verify Button

Once you’ve entered the Certification ID, click on the ‘Verify’ button. The system will then scan the database to match the provided ID with the existing records.

The Result

If the entered Certification ID matches an existing record, the system will display the details of the certification, including the name of the certificate holder, the course completed, and the validity period of the certificate. If the ID does not match any existing records, the system will notify that no matching certification was found.


Verifying a HubSpot certification is a valuable tool for employers and individuals alike. It ensures the credibility of the certification holder and gives assurance that the holder has completed the course successfully. So, the next time you need to authenticate a HubSpot certification, remember these steps.