How To Pronounce Wo Ai Ni

“Wo ai ni” translates from Chinese to “I love you” in English. Its pronunciation in English would be “wo-eye-nee.” The term “wo” is equivalent to “I,” “ai” indicates “love,” and “ni” translates to “you.” Therefore, combining these words expresses the sentiment “I love you.”

Pronunciation Tips

When pronouncing Wo Ai Ni, it is important to pay attention to the tones of each word. In Chinese, there are four tones: flat, rising, falling-rising, and falling. The tone of a word can change its meaning, so it is crucial to get them right.

  • Wo – Flat tone
  • Ai – Falling-rising tone
  • Ni – Rising tone


In conclusion, Wo Ai Ni is a beautiful phrase that expresses love in Chinese. By following the pronunciation tips and paying attention to the tones of each word, you can confidently say “I love you” in Chinese.