How To Pronounce Ai In The Bible

Throughout the Bible, there are numerous words that may pose a challenge when attempting to pronounce them. One such word is “ai,” which is mentioned multiple times in the Old Testament. This piece aims to delve into the correct pronunciation of “ai” as it is used in the Bible.

The Pronunciation of “ai”

To begin with, it’s important to note that “ai” is not a word in English. It is actually a transliteration of a Hebrew word that appears in the Bible. The Hebrew word is spelled as “אָי” and is pronounced as “ah-ee.”

Examples of “ai” in the Bible

There are several examples of “ai” in the Bible, including in Genesis 14:28, where it refers to a city. In this verse, “ai” is translated as “Ai,” which is pronounced as “ah-ee.” Another example can be found in Joshua 7:2, where “ai” is also translated as “Ai” and pronounced the same way.


In conclusion, to properly pronounce “ai” in the Bible, it’s important to understand that it is a transliteration of a Hebrew word. The correct pronunciation is “ah-ee,” and this can be found in several verses throughout the Old Testament.