How To Present Powerpoint In Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a widely used collaboration platform that enables remote teamwork. A key feature of Microsoft Teams is its capability to showcase PowerPoint presentations during meetings. In this article, we’ll explore the process of presenting PowerPoint within Microsoft Teams.

Preparing Your Presentation

Before you can present your PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft Teams, you need to prepare it. Make sure that your presentation is saved on your computer or device and that it is up-to-date. You should also ensure that your presentation is compatible with the latest version of PowerPoint.

Joining a Meeting

To present your PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft Teams, you need to join a meeting. Once you have joined the meeting, you will see a button labeled “Share” in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Click on this button and select “PowerPoint” from the list of options.

Presenting Your Presentation

After selecting “PowerPoint,” you will be prompted to choose which presentation you want to share. Select your presentation and click “Share.” Your presentation will now be visible to all participants in the meeting. You can use the toolbar at the top of the screen to control your presentation, such as starting or stopping the slideshow, advancing to the next slide, or going back to the previous slide.


Presenting PowerPoint in Microsoft Teams is a simple and effective way to share your presentations with others. By following these steps, you can easily prepare and present your presentation during a meeting. Remember to always test your presentation beforehand to ensure that it runs smoothly and effectively.