How To Order By Rank In Jira

While overseeing software development projects, numerous organizations utilize JIRA as an efficient project management tool. An extremely beneficial feature of JIRA is its ability to arrange issues by rank. This proves to be quite useful when it comes to prioritizing tasks for your development team. In this blog post, we will comprehensively explain the process of ordering by rank in JIRA, step by step.

What is the Rank Field in JIRA?

The Rank field in JIRA Software is a system field that defines the explicit order of issues on a Scrum or Kanban board. The field’s default name is ‘Rank’ but you might have a different name for it in your instance if your administrator has renamed it. It’s primarily used for prioritizing issues within a backlog.

Steps to Order by Rank in JIRA

Here is the step-by-step process of ordering issues by rank in JIRA:

Step 1: Go to your project’s backlog or Active sprints

From the main menu, select your project and then either ‘Backlog’ or ‘Active sprints’.

Step 2: Enable Ranking

If you haven’t enabled ranking in your project yet, you can do so by going to Board > Configure. Under the General tab, in the ‘Ranking’ section, select Enable Sprints.

Step 3: Rank your issues

In your backlog or Active sprints, simply drag and drop issues to rank them. Issues at the top are of higher rank than the ones below.

Step 4: Create a filter using Rank field

If you want to see your issues ordered by rank in the Issue Navigator, you can create a filter. Here’s an example:

        project = "My Project" ORDER BY Rank ASC

This query will return all issues from “My Project” in ascending order by rank.

Remember that only users with the ‘Schedule Issues’ permission can rank issues. Also, please note that ranking changes are automatically saved; you don’t need to manually save them.


Ranking issues in JIRA is a straightforward and effective way to prioritize tasks in your project. By utilizing the order by rank feature, you can ensure that your team is always working on the most important tasks first. Happy ranking!