How To Hide Done Issues In Jira

Jira, a project management tool created by Atlassian, is commonly utilized for monitoring issues, defects, and enhancements. There could be situations where your Jira board is overcrowded with finished tasks. In these scenarios, concealing completed issues can offer a more organized and less distracting perspective. This guide will lead you through the process of how to hide completed issues in Jira.

Navigate to Your Board Configuration

To begin with, navigate to your Jira board. On the top-right corner of the board, click on the “Board” button and then select “Configure” from the dropdown menu.

Adjust the Quick Filter

On the left-hand side menu of the board configuration page, click on the “Quick Filters” option. In this section, you will find a filter named ‘Only My Issues’. This filter hides all issues not assigned to you, but it does not specifically hide done issues. To hide done issues, you need to add a new Quick Filter.

Create New Quick Filter

To create a new Quick Filter, click on the ‘Add Quick Filter’ button. You will need to fill in the ‘Name’ and ‘JQL’ fields. The ‘Name’ field will be the name of your Quick Filter, for instance, ‘Hide Done Issues’. The ‘JQL’ field is where you specify your filter conditions. To hide done issues, the JQL should be as follows:

    resolution = Unresolved

This JQL query means that only issues that are unresolved (not done) will be displayed.

After filling in the ‘Name’ and ‘JQL’ fields, click on the ‘Add’ button to save your Quick Filter.

Apply the Quick Filter

To apply the newly created Quick Filter and hide done issues, navigate back to your Jira board. Click on the ‘Board’ button, then select ‘Quick Filters’. Here, click on your ‘Hide Done Issues’ filter. All done issues should now be hidden from your board.


In conclusion, hiding done issues in Jira can simplify your board view and allow you to focus on the active tasks. Remember that the hidden issues are not deleted; they are simply not displayed and can be viewed anytime by removing the applied filter.

Happy Task Managing!