How To Merge Cells In Excel Without Losing Data

I remember the frustration I used to feel when trying to merge cells in Excel without losing any of the valuable data. It’s a common task, but one that can be tricky if you’re not careful. Throughout my experience, I’ve found some effective methods to merge cells in Excel without losing any data.

Merging Cells in Excel

When it comes to merging cells in Excel, it’s important to remember that this action should be used sparingly. It’s often tempting to merge cells to create a visually appealing layout, but it can cause issues with data analysis and sorting. However, there are occasions where merging cells is necessary for a particular report or presentation.

Method 1: Center Across Selection

One way to merge cells without losing data is by using the “Center Across Selection” option instead of the traditional merge cells function. This can be found under the “Format Cells” option in the “Alignment” tab. By selecting the range of cells you want to appear as merged, you can then choose “Center Across Selection.” This will visually appear as merged cells without actually losing any data, and each individual cell’s data will remain intact.

Method 2: Concatenating Data

If you need to merge cells containing data without losing any of it, you can use the concatenate function. This involves creating a new column or row and using the CONCATENATE function to combine the data from the separate cells into one, without physically merging the cells. This not only retains the original data but also allows for easy manipulation and analysis without losing any information.

Method 3: Text Join Function (Excel 2019 and Later)

For users with Excel 2019 or later versions, the TEXTJOIN function can be incredibly useful when merging cells. This function allows you to join text from a range of cells with a specified delimiter, and it’s particularly helpful when working with non-contiguous cells. By utilizing this function, you can effectively merge cells without losing any data while maintaining the original integrity of the dataset.


Merging cells in Excel without losing any data is a task that requires careful consideration and the right approach. Whether you choose to use the “Center Across Selection” option, concatenate data, or leverage the TEXTJOIN function, always remember that preserving the integrity of your data should be the top priority. By following these methods, you can merge cells in Excel without losing any valuable information.