How To Make A Snake Ai

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In this article, we will discuss how to create an artificial intelligence (AI) for a snake game. The goal of the AI is to navigate the snake through the game board and avoid obstacles while collecting food.

Step 1: Define the Game Board

The first step in creating an AI for a snake game is to define the game board. The game board should be a two-dimensional array of cells, where each cell represents a square on the board. Each cell can have one of three states: empty, occupied by the snake, or occupied by food.

Step 2: Define the Snake

The next step is to define the snake. The snake should be represented as a list of cells on the game board. Each cell in the list represents one segment of the snake’s body.

Step 3: Define the AI

The AI for the snake game should be implemented as a function that takes the current state of the game board and returns the next move for the snake. The AI should consider several factors when deciding on the next move, such as the location of food, the length of the snake, and the presence of obstacles.

Step 4: Implement the AI

To implement the AI, we can use a combination of algorithms and heuristics. One possible approach is to use a depth-first search algorithm to explore all possible moves from the current position. We can then evaluate each move based on factors such as distance to food, length of the snake, and presence of obstacles.

Step 5: Test the AI

Once we have implemented the AI, we should test it thoroughly to ensure that it performs well in different game scenarios. We can use a variety of testing techniques, such as unit tests and integration tests, to verify the correctness of the AI.


In conclusion, creating an AI for a snake game involves defining the game board, the snake, and the AI itself. We can use algorithms and heuristics to implement the AI and test it thoroughly to ensure that it performs well in different game scenarios.