How To Look Good On Zoom

Given the current pandemic situation, an increasing number of individuals are now working remotely from home. As a result, video conferencing has become an integral aspect of our everyday routine. Zoom continues to be a top choice for conducting virtual meetings, emphasizing the importance of appearing presentable on screen to make a positive impact. Here are some recommendations on how to achieve an impressive appearance on Zoom.


Good lighting is crucial for looking good on camera. Make sure you have a well-lit room with natural light or use a ring light if necessary. Avoid sitting in front of a window as it can create shadows on your face. Also, avoid using overhead lights as they can cast unflattering shadows on your face.


Your background is also important for looking good on Zoom. Make sure you have a clean and tidy background that reflects your professionalism. Avoid having clutter or distractions in the background as it can be distracting to others on the call.

Camera Angle

The camera angle is also important for looking good on Zoom. Make sure you have your camera at eye level and avoid having it too high or too low. This will help you look more confident and engaged in the conversation.


What you wear can also make a big difference in how you look on Zoom. Avoid wearing bright colors or patterns as they can be distracting to others on the call. Stick to neutral colors and avoid wearing anything that is too revealing or unprofessional.


In conclusion, looking good on Zoom is important for making a good impression in virtual meetings. By following these tips on lighting, background, camera angle, and clothing, you can look confident and professional on camera. Remember to always be yourself and let your personality shine through.