How To Add New Page In Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a popular software used by designers globally for vector graphics editing. One of its many features is the ability to add a new page, known as an ‘artboard’. This article will walk you through the steps of this process.

Step 1 – Open Adobe Illustrator

First, you have to open Adobe Illustrator on your computer. Double-click on the app’s icon to launch it.

Step 2 – Open the Artboards Panel

On the right side of the interface, you’ll find various panels. Among these, locate and click on the ‘Artboards’ panel.

Step 3 – Add a New Artboard

Click on the ‘New Artboard’ button, which looks like a page with a plus (+) symbol. Your new artboard (or page) will be created instantly.

Click on the 'New Artboard' button

Step 4 – Adjust the Size and Position of Your New Artboard

With the new artboard selected, you can adjust its size and position according to your preferences. The properties panel will allow you to enter exact dimensions and coordinates.

Adjust the size of your new artboard

Step 5 – Rename the Artboard

If you plan to add multiple pages, it might be useful to rename your artboards for better organization. Double-click on the artboard’s name in the Artboards panel, and type in your preferred name.

Rename the Artboard

Step 6 – Save Your Work

Finally, don’t forget to save your work. Go to File > Save and choose your desired location to save the file.


Adding a new page in Adobe Illustrator is as simple as creating a new artboard. This feature allows you to design multiple pages within a single file, making it convenient for multi-page projects. Happy designing!