How To Look Better In Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has risen as a widely-used video conferencing tool, proving indispensable to numerous individuals throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It serves various functions, whether for professional meetings, educational purposes, or casual gatherings, making it critical to present yourself well on camera. Below are several suggestions and techniques to enhance how you look on Microsoft Teams.


Good lighting is key to looking great on video calls. Make sure you have a well-lit space behind you, preferably with natural light if possible. Avoid sitting in front of a window or bright light source, as this can create glare and make it difficult for others to see your face. If you don’t have access to natural light, consider investing in a ring light or other type of video conferencing lighting kit.


Your background is another important factor in how you appear on Microsoft Teams. Avoid cluttered or distracting backgrounds, and try to choose a neutral or professional-looking space. If you don’t have access to a suitable background, consider using one of the built-in virtual backgrounds available in Microsoft Teams.

Camera Angle

The angle at which your camera is positioned can also make a big difference in how you appear on video calls. Aim your camera slightly upward, so that it’s angled towards your face. This will help to avoid any unflattering angles and ensure that your face is visible and clear.


Good audio quality is just as important as good video quality when it comes to looking great on Microsoft Teams. Make sure you have a reliable microphone and headphones, and test them before each call to ensure they’re working properly. Avoid using the built-in microphone and speakers on your computer or phone, as these can often produce poor audio quality.


Finally, what you wear can also make a big difference in how you appear on video calls. Avoid bright patterns or colors that may be distracting to others, and opt for neutral or professional-looking clothing instead. Make sure your clothing is well-fitting and comfortable, as this will help you feel more confident and relaxed during the call.


By following these tips and tricks, you can improve your appearance on Microsoft Teams and make a great impression on your colleagues or classmates. Remember to always test your setup before each call to ensure everything is working properly, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different lighting, backgrounds, and clothing options until you find what works best for you.