How To Log An Email In Hubspot After Sending

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to document an email conversation with a customer or a potential sales opportunity, but ended up losing track of the entire conversation? HubSpot has a solution for this issue with its email logging functionality. This feature conveniently tracks and logs all of your email interactions directly into the activity history of your contact. The following blog post will guide you through the steps of logging an email in HubSpot after it has been sent.

Before we begin

Before you can log emails in HubSpot, ensure that you have:

  • A HubSpot account. If you don’t have one, sign up at
  • A connected email account in HubSpot. You can connect your HubSpot account with Gmail, Office 365, or an IMAP account.

Steps to Log an Email in HubSpot After Sending

Follow the steps below to learn how to log an email in HubSpot.

1. Enable Email Logging

First, ensure that the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension or the Office 365 add-in is installed.

After installation, go to the settings page on your HubSpot account. Under the “Email Integrations” section, check the box next to “Log and track emails.”

2. Send an Email

Create a new email in your email client like you normally would. At this point, you will notice a new checkbox from the HubSpot add-in called “Log” (or “Log in CRM” in Outlook). Ensure this box is ticked.

    to: '[email protected]',
    subject: 'Follow-up on our previous conversation',
    body: 'Hello, I am writing to follow up on...',
    logInCRM: true

3. Check the Email Log in HubSpot

After sending the email, you can verify it’s been logged by going to the “Contacts” tab in your HubSpot account, locating the contact you sent the email to, and checking their activity history. The email you sent should be listed there.


Logging emails in HubSpot is a great way to keep track of your email conversations and ensure that no correspondence falls through the cracks. With these simple steps, you can easily log any email after sending it, making your email marketing efforts far more streamlined and efficient.