How To Link Trello And Jira

Trello and Jira are both effective project management tools, and leveraging their respective strengths can optimize your team’s workflow. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on connecting Trello and Jira to maximize the benefits of both tools.

Why Link Trello and Jira?

Trello’s simple, card-based interface is a hit among teams who prefer a more visual approach to project management, while Jira’s robust issue tracking system is favored by teams who need more detailed project tracking and reporting. Linking Trello and Jira can provide a more comprehensive view of project progress, as updates on one platform can be reflected on the other.

Step 1: Install the Trello Plugin for Jira

Firstly, you need to have admin access to both your Trello and Jira accounts, then you will need to install the Trello plugin for Jira. This plugin is available in the Atlassian marketplace. Simply go to the marketplace and search for the Trello plugin and install it.

Step 2: Configure the Trello Plugin in Jira

Once installed, you’ll need to configure the plugin to connect to your Trello account. Navigate to Jira settings, locate the Trello plugin, and fill in your Trello account details. You will need to authorize Jira to access your Trello data. Once done, you can then map Jira projects to specific Trello boards.

Step 3: Synchronize the Data

Synchronization helps to ensure that your data is up-to-date across both platforms.

Here’s a simple script that uses the Trello API to fetch updates from a Trello board and post them to a Jira project.

import requests

TRELLO_API = "{board_id}"
JIRA_API = "https://your-jira-instance/rest/api/2/issue/{issue_id}/transitions"

def sync_trello_to_jira(trello_board_id, jira_issue_id, trello_key, trello_token):
    # Get updates from Trello
    response = requests.get(TRELLO_API.format(board_id=trello_board_id),
                            params={"key": trello_key, "token": trello_token})
    updates = response.json()

    # Post updates to Jira
    for update in updates:,
                      auth=("your-jira-username", "your-jira-password"))

Note: Replace the placeholders in the sync_trello_to_jira function with your actual Trello board ID, Jira issue ID, Trello API key and token, and Jira username and password.


Linking Trello and Jira can provide a more holistic view of your project progress and streamline your workflow. By linking these two powerful tools, you can leverage the strengths of both, providing a comprehensive, efficient project management solution for your team.