How To Know Custom Field Id In Jira

If you need to configure Jira workflows or streamline your Jira project processes, it’s essential to know how to locate your custom field ID in Jira. This guide will explain the process for finding your Jira custom field ID efficiently and swiftly.

Why is Knowing Your Custom Field ID in JIRA Important?

Jira’s custom field IDs are the unique identifiers that each custom field is assigned when it’s created. These IDs are essential for various integrations, script writing, and API usage. They help to specify exactly which custom fields you are working with, especially when dealing with multiple custom fields.

How to Find Your Custom Field ID in JIRA

There are two methods you can use to find your custom field ID in Jira:

  • Using Jira User Interface
  • Using Jira REST API

Method 1: Using Jira User Interface

Here are the steps to find custom field ID in Jira via the user interface:

  1. Navigate to the Custom Fields section.
  2. Hover over the Edit or Screens links of your custom field.
  3. The custom field ID will be displayed at the bottom of your browser in the URL preview. It is the number after the ‘=’ sign.

Method 2: Using Jira REST API

This method is particularly useful if you have lots of custom fields and want to find the ID in a more efficient way. You must have administrative rights to access the REST API.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open a new browser window
  2. Enter the following URL into the address bar:


  1. Replace “your-jira-instance” with your actual Jira instance URL.
  2. Press Enter to load the page. This will generate a list of all the fields, including custom fields, in JSON format.
  3. Use the browser’s Find function (CTRL + F) to search for the custom field name. The ID is the last part of the “self” URL in the field’s object.


Finding your custom field ID in Jira doesn’t have to be a daunting task. While it’s slightly hidden, it’s definitely accessible via the user interface or using the REST API. Understanding how to locate this ID can streamline your Jira processes and make your project management tasks much easier.