How To Justify Text In Photoshop Cs6

It is widely recognized that Photoshop has remarkable abilities for editing photos, and its text manipulation tools are equally robust. Regardless of whether you are creating a poster, logo, or any other graphic, there will be occasions where you need to align text in your project with Photoshop CS6. This tutorial will lead you through the steps of justifying text in Photoshop CS6.

Steps to Justify Text in Photoshop CS6

1. Launch Photoshop CS6

Open the Photoshop CS6 application on your computer. If you haven’t yet created your project, go ahead and do that. If you’ve already started your project, open your project file.

2. Select the Text Tool

Select the text tool from the Photoshop toolbar, it’s represented by the icon of a letter “T”.

3. Draw a Text Box

Click and drag anywhere on your canvas to create a text box. The size of the text box will determine the area within which your text will be justified.

4. Type Your Text

Type the text you wish to justify into the text box you created in the previous step.

5. Select Your Text

Highlight the text that you want to justify. You can do this by clicking and dragging over the text. If you want to justify all the text in the text box, you can press Ctrl+A (or Command+A on a Mac) to select all the text.

6. Access the Paragraph Panel

Go to the top menu and choose Window > Paragraph. This will open the Paragraph panel.

7. Justify the Text

With the text selected, click on the appropriate justify option in the Paragraph panel. There are four options available:

  • Justify Last Left: Aligns text to the left & right edges and leaves the last line aligned to the left.
  • Justify Last Centered: Aligns text to the left & right edges and centers the last line.
  • Justify Last Right: Aligns text to the left & right edges and aligns the last line to the right.
  • Justify All: Aligns text to the left & right edges including the last line.
# Select the text
Select the Text Tool > Click and drag to create a text box > Type your text > Highlight the text

# Open the Paragraph Panel
Go to Window > Paragraph

# Justify the Text
Click on your preferred justify option

Above are the simple steps to justifying text in Photoshop CS6. Remember, text justification is a powerful tool that can enhance the look and feel of your project. Use it wisely, and happy designing!