How To Highlight Text In Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an effective program that enables you to produce and modify vector graphics. One of its various capabilities is the option to emphasize text. Whether for emphasis or aesthetic reasons, highlighting text can enhance your design. Our blog post will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to highlight text using Adobe Illustrator.

Step 1: Create or Select Your Text

The first step is to either create your text or select an existing one. Use the Text Tool (T) on the tool panel to create a new text. Click anywhere on your artboard and start typing. If you want to highlight an existing text, use the Selection Tool (V) to select the text.

Step 2: Draw a Rectangle

Next, you will draw a rectangle to serve as the highlight for your text. Select the Rectangle Tool (M) from the tool panel. Draw a rectangle over the text you want to highlight. It is important to make sure that the rectangle is large enough to cover all the text you want to highlight.

Step 3: Adjust the Rectangle’s Appearance

To turn the rectangle into a highlight effect, we need to adjust its color and opacity. On the Appearance panel, click on the Fill color. Choose a color for your highlight. Yellow is a common choice for highlights, but feel free to experiment with other colors.

To adjust the opacity, set a value on the Opacity field in the Appearance panel. A lower value will make the rectangle more transparent, creating a subtle highlight effect. A higher value will result in a more pronounced highlight.

Step 4: Arrange the Rectangle Behind the Text

The final step is to arrange the rectangle so that it is behind the text. To do this, select the rectangle. Then, on the Object menu, navigate to Arrange and select Send to Back. This will place the rectangle behind your text, creating a highlight effect.

Congratulations, you now know how to highlight text in Adobe Illustrator!

Hints and Tips

If you want to highlight multiple lines of text, you can do so by drawing a larger rectangle that covers all the lines. Alternatively, you can draw individual rectangles for each line of text.

You can also use the Eyedropper Tool (I) to quickly apply the same highlight effect to other texts. Just select the text you want to highlight and then click on an existing highlighted text with the Eyedropper Tool.

In Conclusion

Highlighting text in Adobe Illustrator is a simple but effective way to make your design more dynamic and engaging. By following these steps, you can easily highlight any text in your projects. Happy designing!